“Pain may be caused by stress, an injury, or even genetic default. For others, it may be a result of over worked muscles or connective tissue caused by work or an active lifestyle. The human body is a self-healing phenomenon, constantly working to repair itself, it’s up to us to give it the necessary tools and resources to do so. What we eat, our environment, and what we think all effect these tools.”
— Blair Kitch

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is mostly used to treat and overcome pain associated with injury in order to get moving again. Areas of pain or restricted mobility can result from accidents at work or play, chronic conditions such as arthritis or scoliosis, incorrect movement pattern, or even from sleeping or sitting in the wrong position. Our exclusive, boutique physical therapy is available to everyone without a prescription. 


Our massage therapists are highly skilled in facilitating healing and working through injuries by releasing tension and removing stress from the body, mind, and spirit. Every massage is tailored to meet an individual’s needs. Our massage creams and oils are certified organic to ensure a healthy, nourishing experience while reducing toxins. Relax and enjoy the sounds from our live water fall as the salt and minerals charge and cleanse you.


Stretching can improve many aspects of how you move and feel daily. Improving circulation, range of motion, flexibility, and help to reduce joint stiffness and pain. Stretching aids in detoxifying the muscles and soft tissues in addition to decreasing stress. Movements are tailored individually to address areas of tension. 

Other Recovery Services Include:

  • Soft-tissue Manipulation

  • Fascia Release