“Whether we’re talking about physical or mental performance, when we are balanced, we are efficient. How efficient are you at performing a task when you’re not distracted? You’re efficient when the doubtful whispers in your mind are quiet. You’re efficient when the body is free of toxins and your cells and systems are functioning as they should.”
— Blair Kitch

Personal Training

We believe in developing the body using functional fitness. This is training your muscles to work together by preparing them for daily tasks, which is achieved by simulating common movements such as those you might perform at home, work, or in athletic activity. Functional fitness focuses on two specific concepts, adaptability and putting your fitness into practice in real-life situations. While using multiple muscles in the upper and lower body simultaneously, functional fitness emphasizes core stability. 

Small Group Training

Small group training is personal training within a group of 3 to 5 people. Although, within a group, each person has their own individualized workout focusing on areas of mobility and strength and conditioning with varied intensity per individual to ensure a challenging and goal driven workout. Small group training instills a sense of camaraderie by achieving goals together. 


Our Pilates instructors specialize in strength training for aging populations, athletes, post- rehabilitation, pre and post-natal care, and movement for health and well-being. By incorporating both modern and traditional techniques while maintaining the principles of Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow, our sessions provide a complete experience. Sessions are available as private, duet, and small group.